Resident users are able to check the bulleting board with Kodinportti Mobile and read important notices, news and other important information. Information on bulleting board is managed with Kodinportaali remote access portal.

With Kodinportti Mobile residents are able to get automatically informed about new and important information on the bulletin board directly to their mobile device.

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Booking calendar enables users to make reservations for common areas of the building or home community. These can include for example, swimming pool, sauna, laundry facilities, gym, conference room, etc. The rules concerning the reservations can be customized to fit the needs of reservable resources using the Kodinportaali remote access portal.

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Resident users log in Kodinportti Mobile with the same user account as they do to the Kodinportaali remote access portal. No need for additional passwords and usernames.

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The apartment folder is the residents own file folder, which can be used in the same way as the apartment binder often found in apartments, but now in digital form. Different documents can be uploaded there for residents to read, such as operating instructions for equipment in their apartment and housing association rules.

Information in the apartment folder can be easily managed using administrator ID's in the Kodinportaali remote interface. The apartment folder supplements content displayed on the message board, offering larger space and longer display time for documents, which may perhaps not be of a message nature or public.

With the Kodinportti Mobile app, residents can open and read their documents on their smart devices. Residents may also use their apartment folder in the Kodinportti remote interface. Neither the apartment folder nor its contents are visible on Kodinportti screens. Not all file types can necessarily be opened on all smart devices.