Residents lists are managed by using the remote access portal. Changes to the residents list can be scheduled for example according to start and end of the houselease. It is possible to leave the residents list information empty when needed.

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Kodinportaali, tiedotteet


In the remote access portal you can access the bulletin board remotely with any computer or smartphone and read notifications concerning the building and other important things from anywhere. All you need is to be connected to the internet. Managing the contents of the bulletin board remotely is easy and saves a lot of time. The same bulletin can be shown on multiple Kodinportti touch screens at the same time and their publishing time can be scheduled beforehand. When making a new notification, you can compose written text and attach also pdf-files or image files. Notifications are archived in the system after their publishing time ends, so they can be used as drafts for future notifications and bulletins. Depending on user privileges also all the residents can have their own section on the bulletin board where they can post their bulletins.

Kodinportaali, varauskalenteri


At the remote access portal residents can make bookings to common areas and commonly used resources such as washing machines. Management of and setting rules for the bookable resources are always done via the remote access portal. Bookable objects can be grouped and they can be identified by a given name. Administrative users can access the booking logs.

Bookable objects can be used by multiple buildings simultaneously and the objects can have shared booking rules. For example users may only make one or two booking in a week per resource and you can set the days and times for availability.

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Kodinportaali, käyttäjätunnusten hallinta


The remote access portal allows the managements of usernames, their validity time and user-specific privileges. If you want, you can make a username only valid for a certain period of time. The opportunity to manage other users privileges in the system can be given to house managers or other people who are responsible for the building.

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Apartment folder


The apartment folder is a file folder for residents, which can be used in the same way as the apartment binder often found in apartments, but now in digital form. Different documents can be uploaded there for residents to read, such as operating instructions for equipment in their apartment and housing association rules. Information in the apartment folder can be managed using administrator ID's. Documents uploaded to the apartment folder can be opened and read using residents ID's.

Managing the apartment folder is easy: the administrator can select at once all apartments, whose residents are supposed to see the desired files in their apartment folders. The apartment folder operates in the Kodinportaali remote interface, and residents can also use their apartment folder through the Kodinportti Mobile app.

Neither the apartment folder nor its contents are visible on Kodinportti screens. The apartment folder supplements content displayed on the message board, offering larger space and longer display time for documents, which may perhaps not be of a message nature or public.