Important information easily available

Kodinportti is a touch-operated screen and user-interface for apartment buildings and home communities. It is usually located at the lobby or near the entrance inside the building and important information and other functions are easily available for the residents.

Kodinportti provides information in different sections and all data is available with few touches of a finger. Residents list, bulletin board and reservation/booking data for common areas are up-to-date and can be viewed instantly. The screen provides information for residents about the weather, a calendar and timetables for public transportation (availability of outsourced information varies within areas).

Kodinportti touch-operated screen eliminates the need for a traditional bulleting board and residents list for the lobby. It also eliminates the need of booking lists as the residents can make bookings for ie. the laundry room. Logging in is done by the touch-screen with personal pin- numbers. For the remote access portal users have a username and a password. Kodinportti's touch-operated screen has an easy-to-use user interface and even the eldest of the residents are able to use the system.

All the functions of Kodinportti can be used in English, Finnish or in Swedish and all the notifications and information can be posted in these languages.

Can be used also with home computers, mobile phones and tablets

Information in Kodinportti can also be accessed by home computers or mobile devices which have an internet browser and internet connection. The Kodinportaali remote access portal is a place where you can ie. make reservations/bookings for the laundry room from your office or any other place.

Kodinportaali remote access portal is located at