Update information where and whenever you want

All information can be distributed to the Kodinportti screens via the Kodinportaali remote access portal and thefore there is no need to physically visit the property. This reduces unnecessary use of time and effort significantly!

Especially in big cities, the transportation between different locations can take a lot of time and fuel costs can be significant. Kodinportti benefits greatly property managers, property maintenance , members of the housing board and others who participate in delivering important information for the residents.
The remote access portal can be used via computers and mobile devices that have an internet connection. User specific privileges and restrictions to different functions can be set with administrator level user account. With the Kodinportti's timed publishing function all the information can be made available on the screens at appropriate and pre-selected time.

For example the changes in residents list and user priviledges can be timed to change on the beginning and ending of tenancy and a notification for scheduled maintenance can be timed to show up on the Kodinportti screens and the web-portal at a specific time and automatically hidden or deleted when it is no longer relevant.

Get in touch with the residents

Kodinportti offers a more efficent way to inform residents. Relevant information can be updated to multiple locations by publishing one notification and selecting locations.

With the touch screen, residents can browse through different types of information ie. guides and contact informations. Important notices can be highlighted so users can find them better. Most recent news can be seen top of the bulleting board and with the timing function old notifications are removed automatically as the information gets old.

Modernise common area and resource booking management

Residents can make bookings for different resources available in the apartment building or the house community via Kodinportti touch screens or Kodinportaali remote access portal. Out-of-date reservation books are no longer needed and double bookings will be a thing of the past.

Every resident will have a personal pin number for logging in and making bookings at the touch screen. The administrator can rely on correct booking data.

System integration to RFID or other electronical key products (for example iLOQ) and Kodinportti screen for user recognition might be possible at your area. Please ask us more if you are interested and please specify the system.